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Our vision is to combine colorful creative fine art with products that have an everyday use

Our Mission

​The mission of Facemadics is to make creative colorful contemporary fine art at a price the average person can afford

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FACEMADICS - FACES OF THE FUTURETHE ART. Facemadics is the point we're fine art and affordability meet through the process of putting creative colorful fine art designs on products that have a daily use such as T Shirts Mugs Etc the concept of the Facemadics was created Jabari Stanley Mason AKA diamond axe. On my lunch breaks I started drawing geometrical faces then I wonder how far could this concept go then I realized then I should share my skills gifts and talents with the world Facemadics Join the Revolution.           


​THE ARTIST. Diamond Axe born Stanley Mason in Western Pennsylvania he evolved into Jabari Mason was he became an activist and into Diamond Axe as an artist. Ever since he was a child he took an interest in creativity in art and creativity Thruway of hip-hop drawing and painting Etc as a teenager and a young adult he was greatly influenced by African artwork to create the Faces of Facemadics

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